Presentations and Studies

The Gas Pipeline Project Office was dissolved on May 9, 2014 due to the transition of state efforts under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AS 43.90) to the Alaska LNG Project. This website became static on June 10, 2014 and will be viewable for reference purposes through August 31, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact the DNR Commissioner’s Office at 907-269-8431.


gray arrow Alaska LNG Project Update to the Support Industry Alliance in Fairbanks, AK (10/18/13)

gray arrow Bill Barron, Division of Oil & Gas Director, Presents to the Alaska Oil & Gas Congress (9/17/13)

gray arrow GPPO Presents to the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce (5/7/13)

gray arrow Commissioner Sullivan's LNG 17 Presentation (4/17/13)

gray arrow Alaska South Central LNG (SCLNG) Project Overview for Alaska Legislators (2/19/13)

gray arrow Commissioner Sullivan Provides Update on NS Gas Commercialization at NAPE Business Conference (2/6/13)

gray arrow Project Update Presented to the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District Outlook Forum (1/31/13)

gray arrow Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States (12/3/12)

gray arrow Presentation to the 2012 Alaska Oil & Gas Congress (9/18/12)

gray arrow Alaska Pipeline Project Gas Off-take Study (11/28/11)

gray arrow Alaska Municipal League (11/10/11)

gray arrow GPPO Director Discusses Alaska Pipeline Project Status

Black and Veatch Report Growing Shale Resources: Understanding Implications for North American Natural Gas Prices (11/23/10)

Project Update Presentation to the Fairbanks Rotary Club (10/14/10)

Open Season Status Update Presentation to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (7/26/10)
      Open Season Questions and Answers 1 (1/28/10)
      Open Season Questions and Answers 2 (1/28/10)

Open Season Status Update Presentation (6/11/10)

Presentation to the Juneau Rotary Club: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Update - Joe Balash (3/9/10)

Open Season for Alaska Gas Pipeline Projects: What to Expect - Scott Hobbs (1/28/10)

Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects: Procedures - Todd Ruhkamp (1/10)

Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects - Richard Foley (1/12/10)

Presentation to the KPEDD Industry Outlook Forum - Mark Morones (1/10)

Northern Economics' In-state Gas Demand Study (1/2010)

Oil and Gas Resource Potential and Opportunity in Alaska - Kevin Banks (12/4/09)

Presentation to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce - Commissioner Tom Irwin (11/3/09)

Changing the Game: The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline - Kurt Gibson (7/09)



Assumptions for Model of Costs of Gas Sales Delay (6/5/07)

Economics of AGIA's Rolled-in Rates Provisions (5/1/07)

Rolled-in Rates - From the FERC Perspective (5/1/07)

Dispelling AGIA Myths and Unfounded Concerns (5/11/07)

How AGIA Addresses Competitive Issues Raised by a Producer-Owned Pipeline (5/11/07)

FERC Issues (4/30/07)

Analysis of Producer Returns, Investment Attractiveness, and Fiscal Certainty (4/18/07)

FERC Policy: Rolled-in Rates (4/16/07)

Increasing Resource Owner Predictability (3/15/07)

Executive Summary of AGIA (3/5/07)

Assumptions Underlying Debt/Equity Analysis (2007)

Administration White Paper on AGIA (2006)

Evaluating the Fiscal Bargain (6/15/06)

Accounting for Suspended Well Costs (4/4/05)

Alaska Moves One Step Closer to Building Gasline
Governor's Gasline Bill Advances to the Senate Floor
State Signs Commercial Agreements for Alaska LNG Project







The Proposed Pipeline Route

Alaska Pipeline Project