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Southcentral LNG (SCLNG)

 Southcentral LNG (SCLNG)

In January 2012 Governor Sean Parnell called upon the North Slope Producers – BP, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil – to align under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) and TransCanada to explore a large-scale LNG project to tidewater. On March 30, 2012, the CEOs for these companies announced in a letter to the Governor that they were aligned on an approach “with the aim to commercialize North Slope natural gas resources within the AGIA framework.  SEE

In a letter dated October 1, 2012, the Alaska North Slope Producers provided the first details for the SCLNG concept selection phase of the project. The SCLNG integrated team identifies TransCanada – along with the three North Slope Producers – as part of the team’s management committee. APP is identified as the lead on pipelines for this project. SEE Alaska North Slope Producers Letter to the Governor of October 1, 2012.


Click here for the Southcentral Alaska LNG Integrated Team

Alaska LNG Fact Sheet


Alaska SCLNG at a glance…
Pipeline Specifications:

  • ~800 mile, 42” diameter pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to LNG terminus in Nikiski, Alaska*
  • Up to 8 compressor stations
  • Gas Treatment Plant located in Prudhoe Bay with processing capability of 3.0-3.5 Bcf/day sales quality gas

Estimated Project Cost:

  • $45-65 Bill. (2011 dollars)

Liquefaction Plant:

  • Capacity: 15-18 MTA (million tons per annum)
  • Facility: 3 trains
  • Footprint: 400-600 acres
  • Site Location: Nikiski, Alaska* (is the lead site for the LNG facility)


  • 3 LNG storage tanks @ 160,000 cubic meters per tank
  • Terminal: 2 loading jetties
  • Designed Rate: 250-500 million standard cubic feet per day, based on demand

Project Contacts:
For additional information about SCLNG please contact:
Kim Fox, Communications & Community Relations Manager, ExxonMobil Alaska, (907) 561-5331
Phil Cochrane, VP – External  Affairs, BP Alaska Inc., (907) 564-5111
Scott Jepsen, Vice President – External Affairs, ConocoPhillips Alaska (907) 276-1215
Shawn Howard, Team Lead – External Communications, TransCanada (800) 608-7859



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Alaska Pipeline Project

Alaska Pipeline Project