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On July 30, 2010 the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) completed the first Open Season to commercialize Alaska's North Slope natural gas.  At the close of the   open season the APP indicated that it had "received bids from potential shippers.  The next step is for the project to assess and negotiate the issues and conditions   that are incorporated within the bid."  SEE Open Season discussion.

Alaskans have waited 30 years for a natural gas pipeline project.  Industry indicators suggest that the window is open for a major Alaska gas pipeline project.  The most recent national data indicates that natural gas will be a significant bridge   fuel to meet our country's energy needs for the next 30 years and beyond.  Alaska is well-positioned to meet the energy demands of its residents and significantly contribute to our national energy needs.  Read More.

The vehicle for moving this project forward involves the continuing efforts of the Alaska Gasline Project - the state, multi-agency arm of the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA).  Representatives from the Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue continue to monitor and advance a gas pipeline project through the AGIA licensee, TransCanada and the Alaska Pipeline Project.

Background Information

In 2007 the Alaska Legislature passed AGIA - the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (Alaska Statute AS 43.90 et al.).  AGIA was intended to encourage expedited construction of a natural gas pipeline that facilitates commercialization of North Slope gas resources, promote exploration and development of oil and gas resources on the North Slope, maximize benefits for Alaskans from the development of our state's oil and gas resource and to encourage oil and gas lessees and other persons to commit to ship natural gas from the North Slope to a gas pipeline system for transportation in Alaska and elsewhere. Read More...

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Alaska Pipeline Project

Alaska Pipeline Project